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Custom fantasy football app development offering you a user-engagement edge. 

    Developing Exciting Fantasy Football Apps to Evolve your Fantasy Sports Business

    Without any doubt, fantasy football app development has become the biggest earning game of the century. Are you looking for a fantasy football app development but unsure of the decision? Work with the best in the market and experience growth of your business with the best fantasy football platform. We are ready to take you to the next level with our professional team of developers. 

    Get started with Mobiweb Technologies today with our custom solutions for your unique requirements. Our expert team of highly professionals are capable of handling pre-established businesses as well as start-ups. We always seek to create fantasy football apps which can attract all the football enthusiasts and enhance user engagement. We believe in creating exceptional experiences for the customers of the client. We build successful fantasy football apps by combining the latest technologies with knowledge of fantasy sports.  

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    Speedy Entry into the Market

    Our fantasy football app will assure you a quick entry into the fantasy sports market. Our customized and innovative fantasy sports solutions will take no time to make a stagnant position in the industry. 

    Reliable Platform

    The fantasy football app developed by us is safe to use and trustworthy. We respect user privacy and all the confidential information is protected from any unwanted access. 


    We create feature-rich and interactive fantasy football apps which are compatible with smartphones. The compatibility feature will scale your business with an increase in the number of mobile users. 

    Appealing Game Types

    In the fantasy football software and application, we incorporate major fantasy game types including stock market games, sportsbooks, predictors and more. 

    Social Media Sharing

    This is a unique feature where players can share their winning streaks, achievements and the whole experience of playing on all the social media platforms incorporated in the fantasy football app development process. 

    Easy Browsing​

    We follow an Agile methodology which keeps us motivated for
    absolute transparency with the clients across the development process.

    How can we help you?

    Speedy Entry into the Market
    Reliable Platform
    Appealing Game Types
    Social Media Sharing
    Easy Browsing​

    Our Projects


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    Sports and Fantasies are two words that describe the spirit of our company. We are a website that offers a place for true cricket fans a chance to fulfil their cricket fantasy. Our aim is to boost the skillset of our users to play fantasy games in a 100% completely secured environment.

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    FantasyCult is India`s fastest growing fantasy sports website, developed for sports fans, in particular for the cricket fans of India! We trust that winning cash prizes is an enormous reason to play fantasy sports in India.


    MySkills11 is designed for a next level experience of “Game of Skill” for enthusiastic sports lovers who like to show their skills.


    Team7 would be a game changing experience for fantasy sports game lovers in India, especially for the game of cricket. A Unique gaming experience guaranteed, as we challenged the conventional way of playing online fantasy cricket with some exciting new rules.


    DSUPER11 website for the use of online information and database recovery services, including, participating in the various contests and games (including fantasy games), gaming services.


    Criconix is India’s Biggest Sports Gaming platform with users playing Fantasy Cricket. It is a Game of Skill that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge.



    Role-Based Dashboard

    It is an interactive dashboard which provides information about all the matches in several categories, total contest and entire earnings.

    Manage Users

    The feature of user management empowers the admin to entirely manage including edit/delete/add/activate/deactivate the account of any user as per his choice.

    League Management

    This feature helps the admin to easily arrange and manage the ongoing, upcoming and history of leagues in football.

    Manage Rewards and Bonus

    This allows the admin to generate and manage requisite rewards and cash bonus for the user during the match and even after winning any particular match.

    Customer Relationship Management

    The integration of customer relationship management will help in managing emails, location of the user, push notifications, tickets via the back-end service provider.

    Revenue Management

    The admin can manage generated revenue from different matches. He can calculate profit earned and generated bonus from the contests.

    View and Manage Earnings

    It is quite easy for the admin to view and manage total earnings from the tournaments and matches with putting on different filters.

    Match Management

    With the match management feature, the admin can manage the order of matches effortlessly along with editing/deleting/adding/activating/deactivating.

    User Authentication

    User authentication is the most basic feature in which users can register themselves with the application with a mobile phone, social media accounts or an e-mail id.

    Create and Join Tournaments

    With just a single tap, the user can create their own tournaments by filling up the required details asked.

    CMS System

    With the best CMS system like Drupal, WordPress and others provide easy management of content in the whole application.p>

    Create Fantasy Team

    A fantasy team can be created by the user by taking players of his own choice to play any tournament or league of his choice.p>

    User Dashboard

    The user’s dashboard displays the profile of the player which includes general information, matches, rewards and bonus earned and many more.

    Playing History

    This section can be viewed by the user to keep a check on the number of matches played, won or lost along with the amount of bonus earned.

    Winning History

    This section displays only the number of matches which were played and won in the history of the user.

    Invite and Earn

    The user can easily send invitations to friends and colleagues to join the tournament. Reward points and the bonus will be offered to the user for adding new users.

    Live Match Scores and Real-time Analytics

    Users can get the expert's advice and a real-time score of a live match. Real-time analytics give the acumen regarding players, trending matches, revenues and others.

    CRM & CMS Integration

    The user should be aware of CMS integration in the app and easy customer relationship management by the admin.

    Player’s Record

    This gives a detailed report to users about players playing in real matches including last match performance, strengths, weaknesses and more.

    Push Notification and Betting Tips

    Users get the notifications for new updates regarding any player, contest or team. The users can also get some tips for betting in the application itself.

    Multiple Payment System

    Through several payment modes, the users can participate in any league and contest by paying an entry fee.

    GPS Tracking

    With the help of push notifications, this feature enables the location of a live match for the users.

    Mail Reminder System

    The user will receive personalised mails regarding upcoming tournaments and matches of multiple sports.

    Loyalty Programs

    The players who are scoring high and who collected good bonuses are offered special loyalty programs to stay glued to the app.

    Major Fantasy Football App Solutions that We Offer

    Fantasy Football Software Development

    Mobiweb Technologies uses the users-appealing features to design robust and user-engaging football software.

    White Label Fantasy Football App

    We deliver White label fantasy football platform that has come up with all the required features and with interactive UI framework.

    Custom Fantasy Football App

    Customise fantasy football app allow us to add customised features as per the need where we can add or remove features and UI as per our client requirements.

    Fantasy Football Website Development

    We at Mobiweb provides unrivalled and state of the art fantasy sports website solution that can bring ultimate success for your business.

    Why Choose Mobiweb Technologies?

    Mobiweb Technologies is the leading provider of fantasy prediction software, website and mobile application development. Being one of the top fantasy prediction app developers, we have built some of the most creative fantasy prediction apps. We have an in-depth knowledge of fantasy sports and develop feature-rich and interactive fantasy prediction app development solutions to attract a huge number of users. Over the years, we have served a huge client base across the world and are continuing to do so.


    Fantasy football is a game in which a player drafts a virtual or fictional team of actual football players and acts as an owner of the team. The players on the fantasy team are then awarded points based on their on-field performance. In this game, you need to predict the performance or winner of the team in a match and then place a bet on that team and win a cash prize. 

    A Fantasy Football Application and Website is an online platform where football devotees play various exciting matches by creating their own team. A website and mobile application are designed by an expert Fantasy Football App Development Company for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur in this industry. This is a virtual platform on which games can be played on a mobile device or computer at the comfort of their home. 

    The features of Fantasy Football Application are different for users and admins. The features for admin include admin login, manage points, manage transactions and payments, team management, managing contests and managing notifications. The features for participants or users are sign up or registration, home screen, profile settings, live score, contests and join contests. Apart from these are also advanced features which can be personalised as per the client’s requirement.

    The types of Fantasy Football Application Development include – 

    • Cross-platform Hybrid App Development
    • Native Android App Development
    • Native iOS App Development

    Mobiweb Technologies is a leading fantasy football app development company who can develop your idea into an application that will be used extensively. The fantasy football app development with us has a powerful backend for seamless management of the entire business of fantasy football. Our solutions are tailor-made for global customers as per their business requirements. We provide a feature-rich and fully customized application to make it outstanding.

    The key factors for choosing a reliable Fantasy Football App and Website Development Company are as follows – 

    • Reviews and feedback of customers.
    • Safety of the application idea.
    • Effective delivery management.
    • Standards of application designing.
    • Reliable testing and QA measures. 

    You need to clarify your goals and specify all your requirements to the hired Fantasy Football App Development Company. 

    The kind of languages that can be used for fantasy football app development are PHP, Node.js, Swift, Objective-C, Android SDK, MongoDB, MySQL for backend and Angular, Ionic, Cordova, Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript for frontend.